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My children understand that I’m a superstar - Okyeame Kwame

Ghanaian songwriter Kwame Nsia Apau known by his stage name Okyeame Kwame says his children understand that he is a superstar.

The proud father of two when asked if his children are aware that he is a superstar, said his son “sort of gets it, he is very excited about the fact that he [Okyeame Kwame] gave birth to him, he uses that to rub it in [the faces of others]”. “Once he came home and told me that he was in a small misunderstanding with someone and the person said that because your father is Okyeame Kwame you think you can do whatever you like”, he explained.

He again said that his daughter on the other hand is not very interested in media public display, “So she thinks that my dad could be popular but none of my business”.

To him, his children are two different people. His daughter who is his second child is trying to charm him to do more than he promised and then his son is always trying to be independent and he sees that already his son is not in any way trying to walk in his shadows but rather wants to truck his own path.

Speaking on Y107.9fm’s Disco Dairies with Kojo Manuel, he said that his son in many ways is like him; very liberal, soft at heart and understanding but he is way smarter than him which in that case he is like his mom.

Okyeame Kwame explained that his son and his wife have the same face and “sometimes I [he] pray he doesn’t get hips and ass” he added. “My son, Sir Kwame Bota Nsia-Apau and my wife Annica Nsia-Apau both have photographic memories. He is very smart just like my wife but nothing like me”.

He added, in all, his children think that he is a superstar.
Source: etvghana.com