Entertainment Fri, 26 Nov 2021

My donation request was unintended, initially a bet - Davido tells CNN

I had a bet with my friends that I will make 60,000 dollars, says Davido

I was overwhelmed when the donations kept pouring in, Davido cites

Davido feels fulfilled, appreciated and this is why

Nigerian artiste, Davido has disclosed to CNN that he initially had a bet with his friends that he was probably going to make about 60,000 dollars when he requested for donations from his colleagues.

The ‘Jowo’ hitmaker, in a video interview with CNN’s, Zain Asher, discussed how a mere joke he made on social media to clear his car from the port turned real.

Davido said at a point, he was overwhelmed when huge sums of money kept pouring into in his account.

Recounting what led to the whole ordeal, Davido said he struck a bet with his friends that he will gather not more than 60,000 dollars by raising funds.

“620,000 dollars was donated. I was overwhelmed. I and my friends made a bet, I was thinking I will probably get at most, best case 50,000 to 60,000 dollars. I have done a lot of charity work, from day to day, helping people, making sure people are alright, from my friends to people I don’t even know”, he shared.

“It’s good to see the works that have been done over the years is appreciated. I wanna say it was a no brainer because after a while it was getting too much a said it’s not in my type of character to keep this money” Davido added.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com