Entertainment Wed, 11 May 2022

My manager was advised to ditch me for an artiste who can 'blow' - AK Songstress

AK Songstress talks of betrayal in music

Ghanaian singer speaks of her breakthrough song in Africa

Female singer denies having an affair with her manager

AK Songstress has stated that her greatest wish is to have a successful music career that will ensure that her manager, Duke Banson, who has invested millions in her brand reaps the benefit.

The 'Jonathan' hitmaker has disclosed how trusted friends in several attempts have tried to advise her manager, the CEO of Paradise Entertainment, to let her go and invest in a singer who has the potential of 'blowing'.

"It is just a beautiful beginning, he'll surely make his profit. He has always known that I have always known that, that time will come...one important thing, I want to become so successful in my career that my boss will make so much money from me," said AK Songstress in an interview on the Delay Show in May 2022.

The singer shared some of the funniest reasons critics gave for her failure to break through in the Ghanaian music scene after 7 years. According to them, her height was the challenge with others also urging her to change her stage name.

"I can't say he has broken even but he isn't wasting money. I can proudly say that I am one of the biggest names as far as African music is concerned, since the release of 'Jonathan'. My song is being sung by Sierra Leoneans, in Liberia, by Nigerians. My breakthrough went beyond Ghana. I got up one day and a lot of Africans had my song on their lips," said the proud singer.

Meanwhile, AK has denied rumours of ever having an affair with his manager who she termed as 'happily married' adding that what they share is strictly friendship and business.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com