My mother is hospitalized due to bad publicity and trolls targeted at me – Andy Dosty

Andy Jacket.png Andy Dosty is a popular Disc Jockey and radio presenter

Sat, 8 Oct 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian media personality, Andrew Amoh, popularly known as ‘Andy Dosty', has disclosed that his feeble mother who couldn’t bear the harsh insults, trolls and bad publicity recently targeted at him, has fallen seriously ill.

Andy Dosty, while establishing that his mother often panics at every negative post about him on social media.

He added that she encountered the last trigger after he recently went viral on the internet, particularly on Twitter for the wrong reasons.

Andy’s comments were necessitated by KiDi’s worries that his entire family has been receiving threats ever since his old inappropriate tweets popped up.

“It’s been 4-5 days now and my whole family is still under threat. Even people that have got nothing to do with the situation are catching heat. The threats are hard to deal with. It’s sad to see that there are people who do not care about your apologies or even who you were ten years ago,” KiDi told Andy Dosty during an interview on HitzFM.

After KiDi’s submission, the Hitz FM presenter also seized the moment to narrate his own ordeal.

Touching on the length to which families of celebrities are truly affected by negative stories and insults thrown at their loved ones, Andy Dosty said;

“A couple of weeks ago, I was trending number 1. All because people were insulting me. They said I was defending someone, and they didn’t even know what it was. People just waded into the fray and started insulting. My mum sitting somewhere got affected. As we speak, my mum is in hospital. She is lying in the hospital now,” Andy chipped in this statement while interviewing KiDi.

“Sometimes, my mother sends me messages about publications and comments from social media. She texts me and says; Have you seen this? Call me right now!!. When you tell her it's part of it, she tells you no. she tells me that at my age, I shouldn’t be allowing people say all these things about me,” he added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com