Music Sat, 17 Mar 2007

Mzbel Bounces Back On Stage

Since her horrifying ordeal with armed robbers in September last year, one of Ghana?s most popular singers, Mzbel, has been missing from the limelight.

It has taken the nation?s 50th anniversary celebrations to bring her out of her shell.

As one of the artistes billed on the President?s Show, Mzbel performed at the concert hosted at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum on March 5 to usher in Independence Day.

Last Saturday, March 10, she made her second public appearance at the Laugh & Rock show organised by Point Blank Media Concepts Limited at the National Theatre, Accra.

Mzbel, sporting a small white tube blouse with a matching micro-mini skirt, accentuating her waist line with a red patent belt, mounted the stage to treat patrons to what she knows how to do best.

Accompanied by her three dancers, Mzbel at her cool but sassy self, twisted, turned and gyrated as she performed four songs including one from her upcoming album.

Talking to her after the show about how she felt facing the Ghanaian public after her ordeal, Mzbel born Nana Akua Amoah, said it was normal.

?Mounting the stage was normal. Afterall entertaining is my job so it is like going back to work. And like every job there are ups and downs. I just put everything behind me and get on with my life.

?I had planned a brilliant performance for the Laugh & Rock show but the low turnout at the function sort of demoralised me. Patronage was low and it slowed me down.

The crowd wasn?t big and that was not very encouraging.?

Mzbel said although her major public appearances had been at the recent anniversary celebrations, she had performed in Holland, Belgium and Italy prior to that.

She does not however deny the fact that she thought of giving up her music career after her attack by armed robbers.

?I really wanted to stop performing because I thought all the things happening to me were just too much. I believed if my career was the reason why I was getting into trouble then I would be better off doing something else. But I was encouraged by friends and family as well as my fans. I see it as the hazzards of the job and every job has its share of hazards.?

Asked if she was still going out with her boyfriend, Mzbel was quick to say ?Yes we are still together. Yes the same guy that I was going to marry. He has been very supportive and I am grateful for that.?

Touching on her new album, Mzbel said she is yet to name her new work which has nine tracks.

? My new album would be called either It Dey Be or Kiss Me. I am yet to decide on the final name. Also, I am still working on the video and it will be released immediately I am through with that.?

Despite the low turnout, the Laugh & Rock show, a night of stand-up comedy spiced with music went well. Starting rather late, patrons were treated to funny jokes by comedians from both Ghana and Nigeria.

From Ghana, Koo Fori and David Oscar, winner of Stars of the Future fame held their own. So did their counterparts from Nigeria. Basket Mouth, who emceed the show, always had something for patrons to laugh about.

The rest: Gordons, Malekem, Pastor Goody Goody, Lepacious Bose, the big Mama of Nigerian stand-up comedy did well to let patrons burst out with laughter while they were on stage.

Malekem exhibited his music prowess when he used the sentence ?who took the meat from the soup pot? to create different music genres. He composed Rock, R&B, Kwela and Juju music. That was brilliant.

Apart from Mzbel, other performers on the night were Castro, Orlando Julius and his Afro Hi-Sounders and Obrafour.

Source: ghanamusic.com