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Nana Agradaa has brought curse unto Ghana - Romeo

Nana Agradaa called out

Romeo calls on authorities to stop Nana Agradaa

Wealth of popular spiritualists questioned

Event organizer and Assembly Member for Madina Social Welfare, McDonald Nana Yaw Asare, better known as Romeo, has said Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Mama Pat has brought a curse unto the land with her fake preaching antics under the guise of being a born again Christian.

The former fetish priestess barely a year after giving her life to Christ Jesus, has formed a church where she conducts miracles, preaches the word, and prophesies to members of her congregation despite the 'fraud' tag placed on her by persons whom she allegedly scammed during her days as a spiritualist and money-doubler.

Romeo making a submission on Bloggers' Forum on GhanaWeb TV with host, Abrantepa expressed his disappointment in the leaders of the country who he said have failed to prosecute or stopped Nana Agradaa from carrying on with her fraudulent activities in her so-called church.

He stated that her actions have spiritually brought a curse on Ghanaians, reasons why the country seems not to progress, adding that her fake activity is a dint on Ghana's image.

"We are within a space in this country where we tolerate some people and parade others before the law. There are people who are ready to testify about Agradaa's 'sika gari' and all other fraudulent activities but nothing is being done about it.

"She has even formed a church and preaches on TV, social media and does all other things. It is as if there is no leader to call her to order in this country... If she is arrested, others will start making cases and people will have the confidence to follow. Now, it seems fraudsters can get away with their crimes in Ghana. She recently went to quote a wrong Bible verse, can you imagine? This is the level of unseriousness. We need a properly regulated front for churches in Ghana to streamline these avenues that have contributed to just anybody forming a church.

The Assemblymember again questioned the source of Agradaa's wealth. He said: "Listen to Agradaa, what does she exude? She just had her way of making money. You'll ask, 'what business is she into?' These things have brought curses to the land, reasons why we are not progressing. What she is doing spiritually affects the nation and physically tarnishes our image. A country with intellectuals and professors sit down for Agradaa to operate on our airwaves and insult people.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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