NellaMich replies Wendy Shay's 'women are emotional' statement

Mellanich Wendy Diss NellaMich is an Afro Beat sensation

Mon, 19 Jul 2021 Source: Nii Arday, Contributor

NellaMich, an Afro Beat sensation has admonished women not to accept the “women are emotional and cannot attain great feat in society” statements but should rather be daring in all their endeavours.

The fast-rising musician made this call on women after Wendy Shay made some observations that women are emotional and ought to strive harder and go the extra mile before they can make it to the top.

Wendy Shay made these comments on a show at Joy FM.

According to NellaMich, women should not succumb to their emotional traumas but rather defy the odd to enable them do the exploits with their peculiar God given talents because women are already born good managers in every facet of life.

Wendy shay says women are emotional being, Nellamich see’s women as super heroes , not just emotional being.

The Afro Beat singer charged women to take more challenging roles because they have all the abilities to make positive change wherever they find themselves.

“When you give a woman an opportunity to be a leader in any role, the success result is always 99 per cent”, the UPSA level 300 student underscored.

Adding that, women of this era (21ST Century), are born leaders, hence should be accorded the needed support in whatever role they assume.

“Women in the music industry must be given special attention and support because they are best entertainers and work harder to be in the limelight”, she stressed.

The self-acclaimed Queen of Afro Beat encouraged women in the music industry to continue doing the extraordinary and by so doing, they would successfully break every herculean barrier in their path.

The “Smile for me” and “Kokobi” hitmaker charged women never to see themselves as weaker vessels but should rather see themselves as the strongest creature on the planet because they combine a lot of work outside their professional duties.

Source: Nii Arday, Contributor