Music Wed, 7 Mar 2018

Nii Okai spearheads ‘Play Ghana’ campaign

Gospel musician, Nii Okai has charged stakeholders of the music industry to support Ghanaian musicians by giving it more prominence.

In a post he made on his Facebook page on 5th March, 2018, the ‘Moko Be’ singer said some gospel musicians were embarking on a campaign called ‘Play Ghana’ to encourage the play of more Ghanaian songs.

Play Ghana, he stated, is a campaign initiated by an Association of Christian Musicians in Ghana to inspire a cultural change as regards music made by Ghanaians.

“Though this campaign well extends beyond the area of music, we believe we can inspire this change from our area of influence well into the total social fabric of Ghana,” he wrote.

He further lamented that even though Ghana has a lot of talented musicians, just a handful are able to excel.


“Ghana is blessed with many gifted musicians and yet only a notable few are able to get their music played. We reckon that there’s a general neo-cultural affinity for foreign or imported goods and sadly our music is not spared either,” he added.

According to him a similar campaign like AGOA (Friday Wear) which they championed has redeveloped interest in the Ghanaian fashion and clothing industry, and hopes if all stakeholders of the music industry put their hands on deck, ‘Play Ghana’ will be fruitful.

He also acknowledged the fact that efforts have been made by several stakeholders to engage the issue but a lot is still left to be done for music produced by Ghanaians to be played by Ghanaians.

Nii Okai is known for songs such as ‘Gye W’ayeyi,’ ‘Makpasa Le,’ ‘Okokroko’ and ‘Yesu Hi.’

Source: showbiz.citifmonline.com