Entertainment Sat, 4 Jun 2011

Nii Soul: The Last Man Standing?

Many were the talents exhibited on African reality shows over the past years but viewers of the industry are disappointed as a vast majority of these untapped talents were hardly or never found on the billboards to entertain their supporters.

Nii Soul, popularly known as Joe and Nii of TV3 Mentor fame and Project Fame respectively has emerged as the last man standing from all these reality shows which showcased some awesome talents in the West African sub-region. He has over the years become one of the breathtaking talents, who through hard work have managed to make his name a household one not only in Ghana but on the sub-region.

But Nii’s, journey to the top did not come easy as it looks as it took him two years to get a producer, a dilemma faced by many upcoming young and talented musicians in Ghana due to the lack of professional music producers in the country.

Reality shows including Mentor Fame of TV3- Ghana and Project Fame Africa staged in Nigeria showcased awesome talents from around Ghana and West Africa as a whole but many were dismayed when only a few of these talents are represented in the music scene after putting splendid performances at the above mentioned shows.

The public and entertainment watchers would wonder if these reality shows are worth the time and sponsorship they get.

Most believe that programmes such as these do not focus on the talent hunt or help these young untapped talents to make it but rather are focused on the money they make from their sponsors deals.

In places like the United States of America, winners of the prestigious “American Idol” are highly respected and assisted to come out with albums that are associated with the show to cast a lasting on the mind of viewers, in some case they are groomed by well meaning artists to sharpen their perception of the industry.

Last three year he shocked his fans with two hit singles namely ‘Monife’ and ‘Sunshine’ and has once again blown their minds with a wonderful new single titled ‘BA’, which means come in his native language, Ga. Nii’s new style of upbeat sound is incredible, matured but yet fun and funky making it uncomplicated for music lovers whether young or old to relate perfectly to it.

‘BA’ is currently making its way rapidly to the top charts due to its frequent air plays. Nii Soul’s story has taken a different tone to the delight of his numerous fans. He is currently working on his new songs under Native Entertainment Group and management, a U.S based group and he is promising a complete album to be released by August, 2011. The album would reflect his new name, Nii Soul; and his music will be world class R&B and soul music with an African infusion.
Source: Ama Sika Baako