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Mon, 1 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A human resource practitioner, Francisca Ashong, has emphasised that relationships at workplaces should not be kept secret because no HR will oppose the decision to date an office colleague in an organisation.

On the popular GhanaWeb relationship talk show 'Moans and Cuddles' hosted by Paulina Dedaa Opoku, Francisca Ashong stated emphatically that no HR will stop the blooming love between colleagues in a working environment. She emphasized that it is imperative the HR is made aware of the relationship to be able to give the love birds the guidelines to that effect.

“No HR will tell you 'hey you have to stop this'. They will give you the guidelines, they will give you what you ought to know in order to make your decision, they will tell you the pros and the cons for you to decide if this is what you want.”

She further added that the persons involved should be able to let the HR know and not be deterred, amplifying that HRs are the mothers and fathers of an organisation and can be counted on.

“HRs are the mothers and fathers of an organisation, HRs are to have two faces which is the hard face that is to tell you 'hey, this must be done and must be done right'; and we have the motherly face that will tell you 'come on let me give you a pat on the back, you need that shoulder to cry on, you can count on me'”.

“You can always walk to the HR manager and say 'Mr Eric and myself we are having this thing for each other, it’s so strong and I feel society will look at me, I feel I love him and I wish I could go ahead with him and have a relationship that will end into marriage'”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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