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Thu, 18 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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M.anifest bemoans ‘quick fame’ attitude among budding artistes

Popular rapper, M.anifest has urged budding musicians to up their game as there are no shortcuts to becoming a successful Ghanaian artiste.

The rapper said it’s disheartening that some artistes have failed to acknowledge and appreciate hard work as a basic ingredient for success thereby falling on ‘Sakawa’ means to make a name.

“We are a people who don’t talk about progress, we don’t talk about results but always want to enjoy success. No, it doesn’t work like that when we can’t even do due diligence with our creativity. Everything is “sakawa”, quick quick money so quick quick fame and success. That is all that seems to matter but the fact that an artiste is successful today doesn’t mean the breakthrough happened overnight,” M.anifest stated during his new album listening.

“You can’t just be interested in somebody’s achievement without considering the process they went through and the excellence they put in their craft”' he added.

M.anifest also addressed the growing trend where artistes have abandoned their style for popular trends in the quest to stay relevant.

“I’ve never been under pressure to do music that people think will be accepted by the masses because anyone who wants extra results for an initiative has to be bold to take new steps. Unfortunately, most Ghanaian artistes are relaxed in that regard. But the truth is that we have to use our creativity to find new ways to break ground and not just take anything that we think is easy or comfortable for everybody,” M.anifest established.

“Anybody that has been successful from Ghana has been bold and charted a new path. You’ve seen what is happening with Amaarae. Well, she may not be popular in Ghana but it doesn’t matter because now she is charting on the US Billboard charts, nobody has done it and that is what I’m talking about. If you are an artiste, you know you don’t have plenty of resources but you have to use your creativity to break new grounds,” he added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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