Entertainment Tue, 11 Apr 2017

Old gospel musicians not helpful

New entrant on the gospel music scene, Prince Amoako, has criticised churches, pastors and other established artistes in the gospel industry for not offering enough support to up-and-coming artistes.

He believes this is one of the reasons the growth of the gospel music industry in Ghana has stalled. In a chat with Showbiz, Prince Amoako who launched his maiden gospel album, What The Lord Has Done at the Raviola Hotel in Nungua on Sunday, April 2, said exploitation and pull-him-down attitude in the gospel music industry is far worse than what pertains in the secular music sector.

“Contrary to expectation, established gospel musicians are often reluctant to assist up and coming ones. Many established gospel artistes will not offer their assistance when you need them to make a song or launch an album.

“The truth is, many of them even end your calls without listening to what you have to say the moment they find out you need their help on your album or other projects. You would be amazed that secular artistes are even more ready to help their counterparts,” he said.

Prince Amoako also attributed the slow growth of the gospel music sector to backbiting and infighting among people in the industry.


“The amount of infighting among gospel musicians will shock you. I always ask myself if we are singing to propagate the word of God or to edify ourselves.

“If we are true men of God then we need to put aside personal differences and work together to bring people to Christ,” he said.

The What The Lord Has Done album is a collaboration between Prince and his wife, Vivian.

Some songs on the album include What The Lord Has Done, I shall not Die, Ye De Anouinyam Ma Wo, Revive Me Oh Lord, Come Let Us Adore Him.

Revive Me Oh Lord is a medley which is a prayer requesting the Lord to keep him strong to do His work. I Shall Not Die is an up-tempo song which praises the Lord and exalts His name.

Source: Graphic.com.gh