85-year-old Paa George shares how he slept with several ladies during his prime

Paa George is a veteran actor

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

As energetic as he was in his youthful days, Paa George had sexual encounters with many ladies to satisfy his libido and some females he worked with were on his list, the famous actor has recounted.

Unlike some men whose sexual escapades were hidden, Paa George carried out his without a shred of fear. He would openly declare whose turn it is and whether the other party likes it or not, the decision holds.

He mentioned that right from Form 4 in 1954, he became the ‘ladies’ friend’ and despite his attitude, none of the ladies he had a thing with was abusive or disrespectful.

“With that, God was good to me. All the ladies I met were not troublesome,” Paa George said in the Twi language on Pure FM. “I even met a white lady; it’s not as though she was troublesome but she was jealous. She’s no more. We were all members of the brigade."

“I had affairs with some female members of the brigade. In fact, during the Concert Party tour, I was the only man who had two women. When we lay the mat, I lie in-between them; you don’t come to me when it’s not your turn. That was the convention instituted by me,” Paa George said and burst into laughter after the host, Hammer Nti, mentioned his nickname ‘Kwadwo Blackie’ as a way of touting his prowess.

“That’s me!” said Paa George. “If it’s not your turn, you don’t get closer; rather, you sleep even if you’re not sleepy. I have had my time.”

Asked when he ‘turned a new leaf’, the 85-year-old veteran actor said “it hasn’t been so long.”

His decision to refrain from promiscuity, he said, was influenced by the lack of strength and the inability to have a constant erection like he used to, in his prime.

“When you’re young, you always want to explore. Whether morning, afternoon or evening, your libido is high. But now, sometimes, I get one [erection] once a week. Sometimes, I even forget I’m holding my phone. Age has caught up with me. I can pick up my phone to make a phone call and forget who I was about to call,” the ace actor mentioned in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.


Meanwhile, a hale and hearty Paa George has said with optimism he will die at age 96. According to him, he “asked for only 96 years on earth” from God and is certain his prayers have been answered.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com