Entertainment Thu, 18 Nov 2021

Pen drives fueling piracy and prematurely killing career of musicians – Great Ampong

One of Ghana’s most successful SDA gospel artiste Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong known widely as Great Ampong has revealed that the emergence of hard drives fueled piracy prematurely killing the careers because of musicians.

He disclosed artistes are not enjoying the sweat of their creations because these pirates are taking advantage of technology and ripping them off their resources.

“Whoever invented pen drives and hard drives did some of us a lot of disservices because it was the genesis of the collapse of CDs. Those days if you go to Kantamanto when I release songs there are a number of copies someone will come from Takoradi to buy. Someone will also go to pick more copies from him. There were times people will queue to buy my CDs to the extent a single person requested over 10,000 copies.

"Today technology has made this difficult and no businessman wants to invest in music again. Bandex is now into bread because producing music is no longer rewarding. If I give you my album now to play by the time we are done with this interview the song is everywhere and there is no need for people to go buy the CD”, he lamented.
Source: mynewsgh.com