Music Tue, 16 Dec 2014

Philipa Baafi soldiers on with ‘Me Gye Me Din’

It’s been fifteen years since gospel diva Philipa Baafi joined the gospel train and her style of fusing Akan, Ewe and English languages in her music might just be doing the trick for her leading to awards and fame.

The beauty therapist turned musician has Ago Die, Mogya N’kasa, Kyeresu Nyame, Yesu Ye Me Last Stop and Me Yie Makyia to her name.

For years, the adorable lady has been preaching about the grace and wonders of God through her music and although her support for a political party might have curtailed her progress, the Go High singer appears to be staging a comeback.

Philipa came out with her maiden album, Nyame Honhon Sane, in 1999 just after she had completed Senior Secondary School. In 2002, she came out with another album, Mogya Nakasa and then followed it up with others. Enjoy ‘Me Gye Me Din’ video.
Source: Linda Abrefi Wadie | GhanaWeb