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Photos from Gomoa Fetteh Atopa Dance Festival

People of Gomoa Feteh participating in the Atopa Dance


Gomoa Fetteh is a fishing and farming community in the Gomoa East District which celebrates Ahobaakese Festival from the 23rd of August to 2nd September every year.

The festival is famous for its controversial, Atopa Dance, known by locals as Akosualontoba, a dance regarded as the most exciting moment of the Ahobaakese festival.

While the dance has come in for some criticisms, the Chief of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Abor Yamoah II and his elders say it is a way of exercising the body and releasing stress.

Queenmother of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Abena Ewusu, has explained that the dance was used by women in the olden days to welcome their husbands who returned from wars with a victory.


The kingmakers of Gomoa Fetteh have however asked Ghanaians to rather patronize the festival and the dance instead of criticizing it. They said the dance provides a platform through which bachelors in the society find their life partners.

They further argued that some of the men in the community are not able to propose to girls and this part of the festival is supposed to give them the opportunity to propose to the women they wish to marry and to find their soul mates.

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