Entertainment Fri, 1 Jun 2007

Psalmpong thrills with a new album release

He is seen as gospel music current sensation and he really knows how to thrill his audience doing that with an awesome love for God. That’s Robert Kwesi Sampong who prefers to be called ‘Psalmpong’ for good reasons and in launching his latest album, ‘This Year is My victory’, in a career spanning just a couple of years, the enthusiastic audience had what they had anticipated which his manager, Bismark Boakye Boateng (B.B.B.) had earlier said , “a night to remember.”

In the midst of this colorful event hosted at the spacious Assemblies of God Church in Vicenza, Italy, various churches, Pastors, choirs and soloists turned up to graze the occasion, among them were Pastor Samuel Tagoe (host Pastor of Assemblies of God Church, Vicenza), Pastor Adu Boahene (AG-Bassano, Vicenza), Pastor Boakye (AG-Milan), Trinity Praise Choir of C.C.I.C led by Samuel Fosuhene, Anita Obeng, Evelyn ‘the Contrive’, Florence Kwakye, Alice Antwi, Elder Bazie with daughter Benise Ofosuhemaa, and Emelia Okrah (all solo artistes).

Within the Ghanaian community in the city of Vicenza, whatever function they set out to do they do it above the ordinary and in this concert to unveil the new album of ‘Psalmpong’ it was not different, it carried an indelible mark. The euphoria for this soul inspiring concert was great and when it got underway all the guest artistes took their turn to entertain the audience in a different but under the same spirit, they performed so marvelously you may think the show was specifically planned for each one of them.

When ‘Psalmpong’, stepped in, his flamboyant entry on stage in a smartly cut cream suit was characterized with loud cheers, singing and dancing, he was mobbed and to some extent at certain stages it was impossible to take pictures of him. Truly, a new horizon in the gospel music has emerged and the reception was awesome. Backed by a well organized youngsters he used the first few minutes to bring the ecstatic audience into praises to God and when he began to sing tracks on his new album the reception was overwhelming. Among the songs on his new release are, Obrempong (the Great One), Sweet Jesus, Awrekyekyere (Gladness) and Sincerely Yours.

As part of the event Rev. Kofah Genfi, a host presenter of ‘Hour of Encouragement’ on Rainbow FM in London, who was the main speaker, enjoined all lovers of gospel songs to get a copy of the new CD of Psalmpong’s album to help his vision in winning more souls into the kingdom of God through his songs. Pastor Samuel Tagoe was the first to snatch the first copy of the album with a special offer of €1,000 followed by the audience who grabbed the new CD with fantastic offers.

After the concert, I caught up with the rising star singer for a short interview: Reggie Tagoe: The launching was a success, what do you make of the response of the audience, they showed their love for your music? Psalmpong: Marvellous! A great manifestation of pure joy in the presence of the LORD. GLORY be unto His HOLY NAME!    Reggie Tagoe: Tell me about the efforts that was put in this concert. Psalmpong: PRAYER and FASTING, with great FAITH in what the LORD ALMIGHTY can do; and the right people came on board fervently set  solely to glorify the name of the MOST HIGH.    Reggie Tagoe: What about the previous album, 'Testimony', how do you compare the two? Psalmpong: TESTIMONY is a strong foundation; THIS YEAR IS MY VICTORY is just a bit of the great revelation of the many wonderful levels of hope the LORD has set before me. GLORY be unto His name for His Mercy!    Reggie Tagoe: Two albums in a matter of 2 years, where do you go from here? Psalmpong: THREE, please; only two released, Sir .... Mmm, continue to delight myself in the LORD so that He will continue to glorify Himself through me.   Reggie Tagoe: It does seems you're winning the hearts of many with your music, what's the secret - your stage performance, your voice, your message or what? Psalmpong: I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. I trust in the LORD in every situation. JESUS IS MY INSURANCE and that’s why THIS YEAR IS MY VICTORY! -
Source: Reggie Tagoe in Vicenza, Italy