Randy Abbey offered Abena Korkor money for law school, she squandered it – A Plus

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Sun, 3 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Randy Abbey’s name pops up in A Plus and Abena Korkor’s feud

Abena Korkor in trouble after latest rant

A Plus drops more revelations about Abena Korkor

A Plus has recalled an instance where popular media personality, Randy Abbey, once offered to fund Abena Korkor’s education.

He disclosed that Mr. Abbey sometime ago, gave Abena Korkor some money to enrol in a law school and make something meaningful out of her life but she spent the money and squashed the whole idea.

A Plus said after Abena Korkor spent the money meant for her school fees, she took to social to blackmail Randy with a post.

He said Abena Korkor shared a post with the caption ‘Mentors should remain mentors’, a statement which sent negative signals across with some individuals concluding that Randy was part of her list of suitors.

A Plus made these revelations while stating that people have done their best to reach out and pull Abena Korkor out of her ‘messy lifestyle’ on social media but failed.

He said Korkor’s unrepentant attitude has driven away potential helpers from her.

“Randy Abey gave you money for law school without sleeping with you. He offered you free help and you spent the money. After spending the money, you sat on social media sending cryptic messages to him. You posted a picture of him with the caption; ‘Mentors should remain mentors. What does that mean? It means you expect people who give you money to always give you money. You made that post in a way that it looked like you were blackmailing him. What did you mean to achieve with that post? Did you intend to destroy his home like you’re doing to others. Because Ghanaians thought that he was also on your list. People started to think he slept with you. With the way you are going, who would want to help you in the future?” A Plus disclosed in an Instagram live video where he furiously lambasted her.

Abena Korkor triggered A Plus’ anger after she dragged him on social media together with the likes of Nana Aba Anamoh, Serwaa Amihere and others.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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