Robbers pose as mechanics on Tema Motorway – Victim narrates ordeal

Fri, 6 Dec 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

In what appears to be the latest of such attacks on the Accra – Tema motorway, a victim narrates his ordeal with the suspected robbers who pose as auto mechanics on the stretch to lure people to their makeshift garage to conduct their nefarious activities.

The victim, who pleaded for strict anonymity, recounted how his car grounded to a halt on the Accra -Tema motorway on Saturday evening while returning from a trip to Accra.

“My car stopped on the motorway and would not start after many tries due to overheating. While I was seeking help from other drivers who cared to stop over and help a man pulled over and introduced himself as an auto mechanic whose garage was situated behind Action Chapel along the Tema Motorway,” he said.

In his desperation, the victim agreed to have his car fixed by the said mechanic.

“In no time he called colleagues of his who came along with a towing vehicle to move the car to the garage close to the Action Chapel,” he said.

Once at the garage, the chief mechanic impressed on him to leave the car and pick it up the next day by which he would be done fixing the car.

According to the victim, he took the mechanic’s number in order to follow up on the progress of the car.

“When I got home, I decided to call my personal mechanic to inform him about the situation, but he cut me short claiming that I had just encountered notorious rogues who have pitch camp along the motorway to plunder unsuspecting drivers whose car break down along that stretch,” the outraged victim recounted.

His mechanic disclosed to him that many of his clients have fallen in the hands of these rogues who remove essential parts from cars of victims leaving the car in worse states after extorting huge sums from victims.

“I immediately called the motorway mechanic who instantly told and I would have to pay Ghc1,500 to get my car back on the road. Now, armed with some information, I demanded he stops working on the car as I would return the next day to tow it away,” the narrator said.

Interestingly, when I mentioned my plight to a colleague of mine, he confirmed many staff from our office had had similar encounters.

“The next morning, I set off with my auto mechanic to go retrieve my car. When I called the guy, he said he was fixing my car even though I had asked him to stop working on it. To make matters worse, when we got to the garage, my car was no where to be found. I called and this time he told me he was cleaning up the car at a washing bay. I managed to get him to return with the car. Now, he was demanding over Ghc400.00 for no work done. I threatened to invite the police to settle the matter. Immediately, I started dialing the number to engage the police on phone he bolted with his cohorts,” he said.

“I managed to drive the car to Ashiaman overpass, near the toll booth close to Tema when the car stopped working again. Now, people at the area confirmed similar cases to mine,” he continued.

Eventually, his auto-mechanic fixed the car and, in the process, discovered some essential parts of the car including parts in the engine had be removed. The full tank of fuel was near empty as well.

The victim is sounding a word of caution to users of the stretch and also calling on the police to investigate the matter and arrest the hoodlums who pose as mechanics to plunder unsuspecting victims on the Accra-Tema motorway.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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