Role of fathers in the lives of their children - Performance consultant explains

Mon, 14 Jun 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Performance consultant and coach, Rev. Bernie Osei-Duah has highlighted the exact role of fathers in society.

Defining who a father is, he stated that a father is simply one who is a source to everyone around him but more especially his offspring.

He mentioned that these days, the role of fathers is being limited to only their offspring whom they brought forth to this world which should not be the case.

He told Nana Yaw Odame on e.TV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge, “So as a father, their role is to be the source of whatever is supposed to be turned into their lives to become what they’re mandated to become”.

He went on to say that as a father, their mandate should be the source of strength, direction, purpose and identity to their children and people around them.

He stated that per his observation, most women in society today only want to have children without getting married or without a father, “they want to give birth and name their children. No, women don’t name children, fathers name children because they’re the source and it’s ideal that some of these things play out well in our communities”.

He asked all fathers to continue to be a source to their families and even to those who are not family because “to be a father means to be a source and that’s exactly what it is.”

Source: etvghana.com