Entertainment Fri, 30 May 2003

SLIM Calls It Masherita

THAT Slim Busterr has a reputation for complimenting his singing and dancing with very beautiful video clips is a fact that cannot be disputed.

He has done it again with his latest and fifth album which he calls Marsherita.

The nice video that goes with it was shot at the newly opened Tema based Ave Maria Spot. To say the location was splendid will be apt — Slim made sure he made use of the facilities, from the nice pool side, to the spacious terrace and generally every part that he and his dancers could do their brilliant movements.

Directed by Terry Bright Ofosu, the clip features Fire Killer, Maxi and Jimmy Quist of Joy FM who defies his protruding belly to exhibit some brilliant dancing skills.

Of course, the director ensures that there are some “Daughters of Eve” to liven the set and that is also achieved, not without what people now refer to as Apuskeleke, talking of their clothes.

What’s Marsherita all about? Slim told Showbiz, “ It is basically about someone’s expression of love to his lover.” That can easily be deduced after listening to the lyrics which says in Fanti: “because I like you so much, I agree with whatever you say . . .

It is done in a typical Slim Busterr style, which means that any follower of his songs can easily tell by the beats that run through Marsherita and all the other songs on his latest that, “this is Slim Buster.”


Obi Sisim is a personal favourite done in a slow tempo, it is the cry of someone to be saved from being cheated.

Other songs on the album which has eight songs are So Me Mu, Do Me Bi, (groove and original versions) and Mirewu.

Marsherita has already captured considerable airtime, and that is not surprising coming from the musician who entered the local industry in 1989 with Medo Fo Bra.

Slim Busterr has been successful with all his albums like Mempena and Masan Aba.

For someone whose prophetess mother, Madam Jane Conduah wanted him to become a pastor, Slim has indeed proven a point, having carved a niche for himself in the local music industry and also as brilliant dancer (he was the National Dance Champion in 1986).

Source: Graphic SB