Music Fri, 22 Jan 2021

Salim Montari makes waves in Germany with his single 'Celina'

German rapper with Ghanaian origin Salim Montari is making waves in Germany after releasing his single “Celina”.

The rapper gained nationwide attention in Germany after releasing his debut single Moonwalk.

Inspired by Pop Smoke and its far too short career, he now wants to stir up the music world. Not only his modern trap sound with a NY & UK drill touch but also his own language make him one of the most exciting newcomers of this time.

Salim Montari is more than just a new generation rapper. Rather, he is an artist and entertainer who knows no limits with his energy and creativity.

In an interview with Salim Montari ‘Montari Flex’ he said “I am making a huge impact in Germany, my music has been accepted by everyone there, you can tell from my numbers on Spotify and other streaming platforms. My Song "Moonwalk" made 5 million-plus Spotify streams, approx. 2 million YouTube views, and a soundtrack in the Netflix film "Asphalt Burning".

The song Celina was produced by Brasco.

Source: Pep Junia, Contributor