LifeStyle Mon, 19 Jul 2021

'Sex cannot sustain a relationship '- Lady reveals

Amma Serwah, a professional in fashion designing and acting, has revealed on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ the answer to the big question of whether sex is really enough to sustain a relationship.

A lot of women seem to be convinced on the perception that having sex with a man can help keep him stuck with them in a relationship.

Speaking with Adwen the Love Doctor on the show, she noted that sex in itself cannot sustain a relationship because there are a few things that also come to play in having a happy relationship.

According to her, there are some instances where sex may be extremely good in a relationship, however, if the man is abusive, then, in this case, the sex may not and should not be enough reason to keep the relationship going because no one is supposed to endure abuse, be it physically, emotionally or mentally in a relationship.

She also mentioned that sometimes sex may be good but unfortunately, due to family issues, some relationships do not work out. In situations like this, if either of them gets married and unfortunately, their new partner happens to be bad at sex, then they could still have a secret sexual affair with their ex.

“A man can go through all the processes to marry a woman and still cheat on her just because her sex game is bad. She may have a good character, be a good cook and a great caretaker of the home but if she is not good in bed, the man might cheat,” Amma further added.

However, she stated that if all these factors are put aside, then we can boldly say that sex, specifically good sex, sustains a relationship.
Source: etvghana.com