Shatta Wale blasts critics over mother’s unpaid rent

Shatta Wale Angry Face 2 Shatta Wale

Sun, 6 Mar 2022 Source: 3news.com

Shatta Wale has warned Ghanaians to stay away from his mother’s unpaid rent and homelessness issue.

Whilst Shatta Wale was waiting to board his flight for his show overseas, he made a video to address his mother’s plea to Ghanaians to help her pay her rent.

“If I take off my bag, it is full of dollars. And you are there talking about 'go and rent for your mother and things'. Have you people checked your family matters before talking about my family matter? Do you understand me? Don’t even talk nasty about me because the moment you talk nasty about me, I will talk nasty back. I will show you that I’m a gangster.

“See, nigga is crazy, if someone tries to worry me erh... fools fooling in Ghana… We are living the life… the life you thought we ain’t going to live, we are living it.”

According to Shatta Wale, he owns a house in the US, so people should worry about themselves and not him.

“It’s not everything that needs to be addressed on social media. As I’m in America, I have a house to lay my head in. Have you bought a house in America before? You sleep!

“It’s not about fighting and hating on each other. Most of you on social media, hating on me from Nima and others, man, I have made it. If I say that I’ve made it and it worries you, that’s your problem because you haven’t made it, so you have a bad mindset. I have made it and I am proud to tell God that I’ve made it.”

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Source: 3news.com
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