Side chicks are for the weekends; main chicks take weekdays - Caleb Nii Boye

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Tue, 24 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Radio presenter, Caleb Nii Boye, has provided married women with all the excuses their cheating husbands come up with just to be with their mistresses usually called side chicks.

According to him, such men who keep lovers outside their marriages do so with strict precautions in order not to get caught in the act of breaking their marriage vows.

He noted that every "smart guy" knows the need to set boundaries for their side chicks, especially those who can not afford to blow their cover or can't afford to lose their wives.

Speaking on Moans & Cuddles with Paula Amma Broni on GhanaWeb TV, Nii Boye put out the schemes of men who cheat in their marriages and how they plan their days with the women in their lives.

"Why should you go for a side chick and allow yourself to be caught? Why will you do it? It means you are not smart. There are so many ways, just set rules and regulations for your side chick and you'll be fine. It works, most side chicks know they are for the weekends. The main chick is for the weekdays."

Also explaining why men prefer to take their mistresses and side chicks on their business rather than their wives he stated that "On weekends master must go for a conference somewhere, two to three days conference outside Accra...sometimes you need fresh air, do you understand?"

The latest episode of Moans & Cuddles focuses on 'The polygamous African man' and how women who find themselves in such marriages can live in harmony with their 'rivals'.

Watch the video from 29:41 mins:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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