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Singles find love on Joy FM’s 'The Blind Date'

February 14, the world over is celebrated as the day of love. While couples share in the glory of being in love, others who are single, most often languish in the pain of having no one to love.

In the spirit of the season, Joy FM introduced The Blind Date to help singles find love.

The Blind Date seeks to nurture new romantic relationships with a view to culminating in a happy marriage life. An arrangement will be made for singles - men and women - who have not met previously to date each other.

It was open to singles 40 years and above who are ready and willing to settle down.

To participate, they were required to send a voice note or an email telling Joy FM about themselves and what they look out for in a partner.

After receiving voice notes from 57 ladies and 28 men, it was time for the face-to-face screening to be conducted by a senior counsellor and then the studio appearance.

On Tuesday, February 14, four ladies and three men had their turn to make their case why they deserve a fully paid romantic trip to Singapore.

The contestants were given pseudo names and they each made their way to be interviewed on air by Nana Ansah Kwao IV, the host of The Blind Date.


Contestant number one was Abigail. Abigail is a 34-year-old lady who holds a Master’s Degree in IT and works with a government organisation. She is looking forward to settling down within a year.

Asked what she would do, if she receives images of her husband with another woman from his past relationship? Abigail was swift in responding that, she will stand by her man and will not let his part interfere with their marriage.

According to her, God is going to be the third person in the marriage.

To her, sex is important in marriage. “He has to be able to give me the sex,” she said.

Abigail revealed that she is a good cook but admitted that she “sometimes I assume too much.”

Contestant number two, Kate is 37 years. She is self-employed and a mother of a nine-year-old girl. She is into fashion and she loves music, dancing and watching movies.

Kate loves praying over issues first and will always consult her husband in decision making. She is looking for marriage and she can handle her man, should he even be a mummy’s boy.

She wants a comfortable family home and to her, “sex is important” although she is not the “sex type”.

She revealed that is a good cook and admitted that she likes “looking at myself in the mirror too much.”

Contestant number three is Mawunyo. She is 37 and works as a marketer who holds an MBA in Marketing and she loves to enjoy life. She loves reading too.

She is a prayerful person who will always discuss issues with her husband. According to her, she will complement her husband to make her family a comfortable one.

The 37-year-old, who wants a nice wedding, says she is very “liberal” in the bedroom.

She admits that easily takes people’s word for it and she likes to always put herself in a person’s shoes.

Contestant number four, Paula is a hardworking Presbyterian. She is a 49-year-old who has a 13-year-old son. She loves sewing.

She is looking for a man who is older than she is and the man should be loving, caring and fun loving. Paula loves exercising and wants her man to do same. She wants a simple wedding.

While she wanted her man to be a worker, her criteria for a suitable partner is not based on money. To her, she needs a companion who is responsible and sex is very “important” to her.

As a mother of one, she wouldn’t mind if her man also has a child. All she needs is a truthful man.

Paula manages her anger very well and she is an open-minded person. Asked if she wouldn’t mind if her husband decides to go out and have a child out of wedlock with another woman, she said she wouldn’t mind.


Contestant number one, Patrick is a down to earth, affable person and a financial analyst by profession. He is 38 and has a child. He reads a lot and loves to travel.

He is looking for a down to earth and engaging woman to settle down with.

Asked how he would handle interferences from his wife’s spiritual father in their marriage, he said it wouldn’t really be a problem but he will put in checks and balances to control it.

He wants to have children and wouldn’t mind settling down with a woman who has a child. To him, it is the man’s responsibility to take care of the home but wouldn’t mind if his wife supports.

Patrick, who says he is a calm person, noted that issues of health and faith are very important to him. He admits he doesn’t communicate well but he is a good listener.

Contestant number two is Alex. Alex is a 34-year-old Auditor who says he is very friendly. He loves reading, watching movies and loves exercising too.

He wants a “moderate” lady who is responsible to settle down with. He is key on looks and will love to have two more kids because he has one already. He wouldn’t mind if the lady also has a child.

Alex is open minded and creates room to discuss issues. He has a forgiving heart, he is “persistent” and handles anger very well. Sex is important to him, he added.

Contestant number three, James, who spoke via phone is 44 years and is a marketer. He loves travelling and enjoys driving. He is a good cook and wouldn’t mind cooking for his wife.

He wants an honest relationship and tribe doesn’t matter to him but looks does. He acknowledges that it is his responsibility to take care of the house and prefers to settle down with a woman who hasn’t got a child.

If the marriage does not produce a child, he wouldn’t mind and believes in sex before marriage.

James is not an aggressive person and he always discusses issues. He, however, admits that he is not a perfect person and is the jealous type.


Patrick revealed that Abigail appealed to him and that he loved her voice.

Abigail joined Patrick in the studio. Patrick asked Abigail two questions, the first being what she expects in a man?

“I expect my man should be a respecter of women,” who shouldn’t play with her Christian values. “I wouldn’t want my man to stand between me and my God.”

He also tried to find out if she would refer issues to her spiritual father? She responded, “taking your matter to the pastor all the time is not the best thing to do.”

Abigail asked Patrick, “Are you quick-tempered?” to which he responded that he is quite accommodating.

“Why do you smile when you are angry?” she asked. He responded it calms his nerves.

She chipped in a third question, “Do you value your mother?” to which Patrick responded that he respects his mother.

They both agreed that they will love to go on a blind date.

Alex was next. He settled on Mawunyo because he thinks she is the one for him.

Alex, who didn’t want to waste time, tried to find out if she will agree to marry him but Mawunyo was quick to stress that she will love to know him first.

Asked if she will be able to manage his temper, she said they will work together at it.

Mawunyo tried to find out from Alex what his short-term goals are to which he replied that he wants to be a professional auditor.

Asked his religion, he revealed that is a Muslim.

They also agreed to go on a date.

Singles can still send their send their voice note to 0265125318 as the competition is still ongoing.

Source: Myjoyonline.com