Sister Debbie serves hot looks in Tamale

Deborah Vanessah In The North Sister Debbie in the North

Mon, 22 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Sister Derby's shares a sexy village girl post on Tamale trip

She visits the Hamamalat village

There are suggestions that Sister Derby may have visited her boos family, perhaps for marriage rites

Deborah Vanessa known as Sister Derby has shared her first breathtaking picture on a trip with her boyfriend whose picture was leaked a couple of weeks ago when they were on a trip.

The breathtaking picture shared on Instagram highlights Sister Derby in Hamamat’s village. In the village, she is seen wearing a strap to cover her breast and a wrapper to cover her waist down - appearing like a really typical village girl, but this time a sexy one.

Her trip highlights her visit to Zaina Lodge and Mole National Park to see the animals in the wild while spending time with people of the area and visiting her new boyfriend's family.

Questions are already emerging, about the possibility of wedding bells sounding anytime soon.

“I love Tamale, she’s hot and the locals, at least around the Mole National park avoid plastic waste/plastic pollution,” she shared.

It may not be very surprising since, during the trip to Zanzibar, Sister Deborah gave us a sneak peek at a ring on her finger which hinted to all her fans and followers something only she can confirm.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com