Smoking and drinking shaped my life, I don't regret it - Gospel musician

Gospel musician, MOG Music

Sat, 19 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

I used to smoke weed, MOG Music reveals

Gospel singer shares his addiction with alcohol

My past experience saved my life, MOG Music

Ghanaian gospel singer, MOG Music has recalled how bad company made him addicted to the smoking of marijuana and intake of alcohol, which he believes shaped his life.

According to the award-winning singer, there are no regrets as his old habits helped shaped his life for the better.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz103.9, MOG Music noted that his parents had no knowledge of his wayward lifestyle. It took the prayers of his mother and the mercies of God to save him from his addiction at a young age.

“I won’t say I regret it. It helped shape me. That was because the experiences I had with that group of people helped shape my thinking. I had to learn things the hard way...I had some friends who were having this effect on me. Around that time, I was a virgin, so I needed to do something to make me feel relevant in the space. The drinking of the alcohol and the smoking was the thing for me,” he revealed.


He furthered that he is not ashamed to share his past now that he has been saved by Christ. His story is to inspire others and get them closer to God.

“I am not ashamed that I have to talk about it. I am ashamed of my actions in the past. I was not well-informed. I was doing whatever I wanted. When I came to the understanding that, this is not life; this is not the right way, I regret my action, but I am not ashamed to tell people that this is what I went through in a period of my life,” said MOG Music.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com