Some movie industry players sabotaged Agya Koo and I – Kwaku Manu

Agya Koo is a veteran actor in Kumawood

Tue, 30 Nov 2021 Source: happyghana.com

Ghanaian comedian, actor and musician Kwaku Manu has revealed how some colleagues of his in the movie industry tried to sabotage himself and legendary actor Agya Koo.

Explaining why Agya Koo has not been seen on the movie scenes for some time now, he shared that, “People especially Ghanaians hate the truth and personally I get irritated and do not like people who always lie about others and try to destroy them because of their progress. I see the person as a devil because I do not understand why anyone will do that.”

He explained that, due to how fast Agya Koo was progressing, some industry players plotted and planned to take him out of the industry.

“So at some point in time, people were no longer using Agya Koo to act movies because instead of making gains they kept on making loses so they stopped using him,” he said.

Talking to Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 fm’s Ayekoo After Drive Show he shared, “This is the issue we have in Ghana; Nigerians will also support and push their people to be at the top but Ghanaians will rather want to see you at the bottom because of envy which is unreasonable”.

Kwaku Manu made it known that if anyone was in the right position to badmouth Agya Koo, it should have been him because, “I worked with him for a long time and we even had issues at some point which a lot of Ghanaians were aware of but I did not try to destroy him because he does not deserve it” he emphasized.

Sharing his experience he noted that, he traveled in 2011 to Canada and the United States of America and, “This got some other producers jealous to the extent that they destroyed me to other people so after I came back, I was not acting for about 5 years”.

He disclosed that, what helped him survive was his YouTube channel which he had already started before making it into the limelight.

“People insulted me when I started but now all these people are doing the same thing I did”.


He believes that God is responsible for changing the destinies of people and not man so, “Always do good and If you want to be spoken well off, speak well of others and do not try to sabotage them no matter what happens” he cautioned.

Source: happyghana.com
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