Some women are stuck in toxic relationships because they can’t fend for themselves – Rapper

EVA ALORDIA.png Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah

Thu, 26 May 2022 Source: mynigeria.com

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah, has averred that a lot of women are in toxic relationships because they lack funds to cater to themselves.

She noted that these women rely on their men for their everyday needs.

Eva took to social media on Wednesday, May 25, to advise women to find themselves lucrative jobs to help with their financial needs.

According to her, men also have problems but will happily provide where he feels nurtured and cared for.

She wrote,

“If you’re selling pussy, just say so..” this phrase “Men are providers” has got a lotta people growing a toxic sense of entitlement.

PSA: Men have needs too!

A man is happy to provide where he feels nurtured and cared for. It is in their nature. He cannot go against nature, all things being equal.

Let’s make relationships healthy again.

Let’s make the “Self” healthy again.

Take time out for you, heal yourself and the old wounds.

Escape into your own sense of wonder and individualism. Do your own thing, make your own money.

So many bright, intelligent women are stuck in toxic unhealthy relationships simply because they know no other way to fend for themselves except through the man.

I don’t want that kind of life for none of my Sistars.

God has deposited so much power and potential in you for you not to have your own way in this world.

Let a man come in to add to what you’ve already got while you add unto him too.


PS: Stop listening to me. What the fuck does a Single, Horny woman like me know about relationships?

Tueh Tueh!"

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Source: mynigeria.com