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Stephanie Benson makes ‘shocking’ revelation about herself, marriage

Stephanie Benson indicates Jonathan broke her virginity

Actress certain ladies can be freaky, free and faithful

Fans surprised as Stephanie claims to have been with just one man

Stephanie Benson’s interaction with a tweep has stoked conversation on Twitter having revealed that her husband, Jonathan Benson, is the only person to have had sexual intercourse with her in her entire life.

The remark was a response to a tweet that suggested that she was sexually active when she was a youth considering that she has been racy even at age fifty-four (54).

“I really envy whoever had opportunity to bang Stephanie Benson in her youthful days. Menopause freakiness mpo nie Na ovulation hormones freakiness my goodness,” the tweet read.

To the surprise of the tweep, the musician replied saying: “Kay, I have only been with one man all my life and I'm married to him 34 yrs oh. No one ever had the chance. Women can be freaky, sexually liberated, free and faithful.”

This triggered more reactions from her followers as some expressed shock while one pleaded that she guides the young ones on how to stay with one man.

“Then aunty, you for come teach these new ones because no girl dey Ghana with these traits and is faithful on top!” the tweet crafted in the Pidgin language read.

Stephanie’s response, however, was that it was erroneous for anyone to suggest that ladies of the current generation cannot be faithful.

She said: “That's a bold statement. Unless u re in people's marriages you wouldn’t know what they’re capable of. The quiet ones can be deadly. When a woman feels safe with their partner, enough to push the boundaries without finger pointing, she’ll be faithful & surprise u beyond your dreams.”

Stephanie Benson has never shied away from flaunting her body nor hailing her husband. On April 26, 2022, the musician, known for her risqué videos, penned down a birthday message for her husband, Jonathan Benson, praying that the celebrant, in commemoration of his birthday, would be ready enough for sexual pleasure.

In a social media post that had four pictures of the couple who have been married for over three decades, Stephanie Benson after praying for protection had another request that centred on intimacy.

“We pray for tranquillity on this day & beseech you Lord to banish all display of madness today, so he may enjoy some ass without fear of torture, handcuffs, whips, nipple clumps or ball busters. In your name we pray,” her tweet sighted by GhanaWeb read.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com