Entertainment Wed, 10 Nov 2004

Sugar Daddies ?They Are Out To Destroy Girls

'Sugar daddy' is a term given to an elderly man, probably 50 years and above who engages a girl as young as his daughter in a relationship.It is common these days to see girls as young as 18 in relationships with men as old as their fathers. Various reasons account for girls going in for sugar daddies.

The love for money has forced many girls into such relationships. The assumption is that the old men can provide them with all the money they ask for. Another reason is the belief that the sugar daddy, due to his experience, will treat them nicely unlike young men who will use them and dump them in future. In such relationships the girls believe they are in control because the older men can?t afford to lose them.

In an interview with some teenage girls they had different views as to why young girls go in for sugar daddies.

According to Abigail, 17, peer pressure is one of the reasons that has contributed to sugar daddy relationships among girls. She explains that in the boarding schools some girls may be seen changing shoes, dresses, mobile phones and possesing all kinds of material things. The desire for others also to posses those things makes them join in.

Abigail mentioned that sometimes the kind of treatment they receive from home also compels girls to go in for sugar daddies. She said sometimes a girl may ask her parents for money to buy some personal effects. When the parents refuse to provide those needs or desires they look elsewhere.

She again, cited an incident where a young girl was advised by her mother to go in for a sugar daddy so that they can benefit financially from the man. She said initially the girl was not willing but with pressure from her mother she had no other choice.

Easiest alternative

Celestina, an SSS Two student, was of the view that girls who live with their stepmothers are maltreated and since they do not know peace at home, they are forced to find somebody who can take care of them and, the easiest alternative is to go in for a sugar daddy. She said other girls go into the sugar daddy relationship for the fun of it and satisfy their sexual desires.

Eunice, who is in SSS Three said, ?to me the reason why girls go in for sugar daddies is the money that they get from such relationships. Their aim is to use the man?s money and dump him after getting all that they want?.

When asked some of the tricks older men use to woo adolescents, they said the men often tell the girls they are very pretty or offer them lifts in their cars as they stand by the roadside looking for transport.

Others also meet you in town and engage you in a conversation trying to find out where you live, they ask for your telephone number etc. The men also give out their complimentary cards and ask the girls to call them for any help that they might need.

The next stage is where the man shows off by taking her out to lunch and begins to shower her with gifts. It becomes very difficult for a girl in such a situation to refuse the sexual proposals of the elderly man so she gives in.

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