Talkertainment: Gifty Boakye shares her journey to stardom

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Thu, 1 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Each year, thousands of women in the country join long queues to audition for the crown in various beauty contests with the hope of winning the grand prize.

Young women spend long hours rehearsing their speeches and polishing their talents just to impress judges and progress to the next stage.

The big blow is when they are evicted in the early stages of the competition or fail to win the enviable crown.

Ghanaian beauty queen and model, Gifty Boakye has sent words of encouragement to her sisters who feel disappointed or give up when faced with 'rejected'.

Speaking on GhanaWeb TV's Talkertainment with Paula Amma Broni, Gifty, who represented Ghana at the 2022 Miss Supranational pageant in Poland, indicated that it is important to make the best of one's experience in every competition.

"I encourage younger girls to start early, learn from what they did that didn't work for them...I think women forget that in pageantry it is not always about the crown. It is about the process, who you meet on that journey and the connections...I have seen women with the crown do less than some of the women who have gone through the pageant. It is very much about how you take the journey and what you do with it," she said.

Also sharing her experience on Talkertainment, Gifty Boakye narrated how she dealt with disappointment in her journey as a beauty queen.

"I have been through disappointment myself. You feel like you deserve something, you deserve the crown and you obviously work for it and you don't get it. It happens, there is only one crown and so many women reaching for it. For that woman that has been striving and hadn't had any success, I would say it is on your heart for a reason. Keep going until you can't anymore," she urged.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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