Talkertainment: 'I'm more of a locum doctor' - Comedian OB Amponsah

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Thu, 24 Feb 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

OB Amponsah says he works on his terms

Patients get stunned when they recognize me, Comedian

OB Amponsah says he hides his identity under a nose mask

Comedian OB Amponsah is one of Ghana's finest entertainers who is best known for his rib-cracking comedies and also the role he sometimes plays as an Optometrist.

Many have wondered how he combines these jobs considering the demand.

OB in an interview on Talkertainment with Elsie Lamar has disclosed that he works on his terms when it comes to being an Optometrist although he equally loves being in the consulting room.

"You caught me on my side job. We record for the Half Serious Show so on Thursday we do this. Today I am not in the Consulting Room. I am off Clinic duties today.

"I am more of a locum doctor, we are part-time. Maybe when someone is going for a leave about two weeks and they need an Optometrist to fill in for him or her then I go in and do that. So, I work on my own terms. I am like a freelancer Optometrist," OB Amponsah explained.

Sharing his experience on how his patients react when they come across him as their doctor, OB noted that he sometimes hides his identity with a nose mask.

"Thank God for nose mask though. Usually, they see your eyes and they go like, are you? Some of them want you to pull down the nose mask so they confirm. Others don't care who you are. Maybe they will recognize you but they are there for their eyes but I have had reactions, where they are probably stunned a bit when they realise, I'm the one they see on TV," he told the host of Talkertainment, Elsie Lamar.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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