The pain, struggles associated with divorce - Gloria Sarfo shares experience

Gloria Sarfo

Tue, 17 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Gloria Sarfo talks divorce

Actress lauds mother for being able to withstand marital woes

Filmmaker shares experience at Burma Camp with 'disciplinarian' father

Actress Gloria Sarfo has said she was deeply affected when her parents divorced to the extent that she had to find a way to navigate and take care of her mother.

“They divorced at a time when my father was almost retiring. He said he was going to build in his village,” Gloria said on Restoration With Stacy without a hint at the cause of the divorce. “I had started appearing on TV. It was really tough. If I were stubborn at the time, I’d have been worse because as a woman, I was mushrooming. There were so many temptations that came my way but I just had to be tough.”

“But I used to do a lot of things. Anything I could find my hands on, I tried to do it. At that time, I had started doing voiceover so whatever I made from it had to come home. When I’m called for a gig, I already have a budget because I had a family to feed. I took care of the family for quite a number of years.”

She described her father as a disciplinarian and commended her mother for her ability to “tolerate whatever she was going through”.


According to her, the mother once said “until the last born is of age, she’s not leaving the marriage regardless. She wasn’t having it rosy as a wife but she used to counsel people who had marital issues. Our last born was about 16 years before my mother left the marriage.”

Sharing her experience as a kid on the show monitored by GhanaWeb, Gloria Sarfo said her father was a soldier while her mother was a trader. They all lived at Burma Camp as a happy family until the father left for a peacekeeping mission.

“We had a good time growing up as kids but it got to a point my father went for the very first Liberian war. That was very tough moment for us because we heard a lot of things happening over there… Their time was prolonged and almost everybody who had a father there always lived in fear,” the actress recalled.

According to her, the father returned unhurt. However, “the very first night he arrived, he got hurt. The fridge door hit his leg. It was a huge pain; it was serious. We were just surprised. He was hospitalised.”

“From there, things became a bit tough. Going to school was a problem. We were six, we had other family members with us so it was really tough. It got to a point there was nobody to turn to.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com