They said until I succumbed, ‘no show’ – Gloria Sarfo talks ‘sex for movie roles’

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Tue, 17 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Sex for movie roles conversation revisited

Gloria Sarfo shares success story

Actress grateful to Stacy, Quophi Okyeame

A number of females have shared their ordeals as regards how some men demanded sex in exchange for offers. Although many have failed to name and shame, filmmaker Wayoosi in 2021 asked for forgiveness after disclosing he sexually took advantage of aspiring actresses.

The latest to share her ‘sex for movie roles’ experience is Gloria Sarfo who said in an interview on Restoration With Stacy that the canker is not new.

“I had it really tough during auditions. When these young ones approach us and say ‘this person is trying to have his way with me before he gives me a role’, I tell them it started long ago; it’s been there,” she said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

“Some of us, there are some people who beat their chests. They told us in the face that ‘if you don’t succumb to what we are saying, you’re not going to be seen on TV. Forget it.’ They will show you pictures of some pictures of ladies already on TV just to make sure you also give in. And it was really tough. It was almost like there are some people who were special for them. You will audition so many times but you’ll not be handed a script,” she added.

According to Gloria Sarfo, after numerous unsuccessful attempts, her colleague, Akosua Kekeli, who also resided at Burma Camp introduced her to the producer of Efiawura, a local TV series shot in the Twi language and aired on TV3.

She mentioned that the moment was her turning point, however, it was the beginning of yet another unfathomable experience. Although her dream to be an actress was realized, she was confronted with another challenge as movie producers refused to engage her for ‘glamourous movies’ because she was categorized under actresses who spoke Twi language.

“Because you act in the local dialect, you have no chance during an auditioning. They’ll say you are local. If they use me in a movie and I’m playing a vital role, they’ll say because of my audience, I won’t appear on the promotional poster,” she recalled.

“Some even said if I don’t stop Efiawura and focus on the English movies, they can’t use me for better roles, they can’t use me as a rich man’s daughter.”

Gloria was, however, appreciative of the successes she has chalked as an actress. She has starred in many movies and won awards, including Best Supporting Actress at the 2020 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards for her role in ‘Perfect Picture: 10 Years Later’.

She showered praises on Stacy Amoateng and her husband Quophi Okyeame for being instrumental in making her a solid brand.

Watch the conversation from the 38th minute of the video below.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com