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Thievery in the house of God

It appears it is a thing he does every Sunday; gets a nicely sewn shirt with just the right pair of trousers to match, and with a clean shave, he could fool anybody.

With the most unsuspecting look, he goes round churches and ‘fishes for items’.

Luck however eluded him this time when some members of one of the churches he frequents discovered his whims and ‘summoned’ him.

A video making rounds on social media shows the ‘church thief’ (unidentified), begging and trying to explain his theft.

He confessed to having stolen a Techno phone from the desk of the church organist. Like every other thief who is caught, he swore it was his last, while pledging to do better.

“I beg you, please listen to me, I beg you! I have spoken the truth, I stole the phone from the organist, please don’t beat me,” the man is heard saying in the video.

The church members however will have none of it, while some accused him of engaging in similar acts during church service in previous times, others sought to find out what his motivation for stealing was.

“Clean guy, that’s what they do. Roam from church to church, stealing!, this is the only reason he came here”, one of the ‘interrogators’ said.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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