Entertainment Thu, 23 Jun 2011

Things We Do For Love Actor: I've Seven Kids Now

Things We Do For Love’ actor Aluta, born Zimran Clottey, has told News-One that his dreadlocks are spiritual and that he wears them to seek favour and fortune from the spiritual realm.

He said it was with great pain that he was compelled to cut off the locks during the early parts of 2011.

“I cut the locks this year not because of acting per say but I felt that the reason for carrying the locks was on a righteous course. If you look at the Nazareth law of Numbers chapter 6, it talks about wearing locks as a born again. Now, what that means is that if I am falling short of that, then I will be deprived of favours and others things that come with it. I also feel that, to give respect to the locks unlike other people who wear it and do anything at all, I had to let it go so that I can feel free once again and do anything I want to, away from hiding behind the locks which is strictly spiritual and righteous,” he said in an exclusive interview.

Zimran played Aluta, son of Mr. Blagogee in ‘Things We Do For Love’.

After the rested TV series, which still etches on the hearts of many TV audiences, he hosted Pop Box on Ghana Television for about two and half years; a result of which he traveled to countries like Ethiopia, Israel among others to interview international stars including the late Joseph Hills, popularly called Culture.

However, not much has been heard about his acting career in recent times like fellow ‘Things We Do For Love’ co-actors Majid Michel, Adjetey Annang and Jackie Appiah, even though he said he has featured in some movies.

“Nothing really went wrong. Nothing changed; let me just say that there is a time for everybody. If there wasn’t a time for King Bruce or Kojo Antwi, there wouldn’t have been a time for Batman Samini and there wouldn’t have been a time for the people who are yet to come in the future. The David Dontohs and others gave away certain things at some point to give way for some new people along the line. So in the same way, I believe there is a time for people like Majid, Pusher and all that.”

According to him, he will be bouncing back on the screens big time in two TV series namely ‘Number 10 Kotokraba Close’ by Gama Films and ‘Oil City’, which he is producing in collaboration with Life Wire Productions.

He also has two movie projects to shoot very soon and three others to be released pretty soon.

“For me I am bouncing back super time but you will like to describe it your way but when the time is due, we will also see what I am talking about. Surely, I can say there is something in the pipe line.”

Zimran is a former student of Achimota Senior High School. Prior to that, he was at the Christ The King International School. From Ga Mashie, he is married with 7 kids, with two being twins.

He started acting in 1980 when he was only 6, in Children’s Own TV programme hosted by the late Tina Moses on GBC.

He developed his acting talent at Achimota school drama club and subsequently had the opportunity to star in ‘Things We Do For Love’ which gave him his break.
Source: News-One