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Today In 2017: Shatta Wale accused me of stealing his MacBook – Bulldog

Bulldog on May 18, 2017, disclosed that Shatta Wale accused him of stealing his MacBook while they stayed in Germany in 2013.

According to the artiste manager, Shatta Wale gifted him a MacBook, however, he turned around to report to the police, that his MacBook was stolen.

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Former Manager of Shatta Wale, Bulldog, has revealed that the dancehall king accused him of theft while they were together in Germany in 2013.

Narrating how Shatta Wale got nude pictures of his wife, the Artiste Manager, told KOD on The Zone on Wednesday, May 17 that he had planned to buy a new laptop when Shatta Wale gifted him his MacBook because he was not conversant with it.

“He gave me a laptop as a gift somewhere in 2013, he had a MacBook he said he wasn’t conversant with and he said you can have it since you trying to get a new one, have it. So he gave it to me to use and that was what I was using for his works and all.

“And then when we got to Germany and our issues started back and forth he reported me to the German Police that I had stolen his laptop and told them to arrest me… so when the German Police came, I was residing at a friend’s place and he told the Police I wasn’t a thief so it was back and forth between me and them, they seized my passport and asked that I returned the laptop to the Police Station to be given to him and that was it,” he recalled.

Bulldog further indicated how hurt he was by the whole situation which led to the circulation of his wife’s nude pictures.

“I don’t joke with my family, my wife and my kids, they mean a lot to me, the most precious things in my life … Money can’t buy those things you know and what hit me and hurt me the most was the fact that he had my wife’s naked pictures and throwing [them] about and accused me of being promiscuous,” he added.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com