Entertainment Wed, 14 Apr 2010

We Expected At Least Three Awards – Bradez

The just ended Ghana Music Awards 2010 confirmed once again that the awards do not follow any logic; aside the controversy, the awards encountered some lapses in respect of security, which was poor, innocent fans who had flocked the venue to catch a glimpse of their favourite artistes also suffered in the hands of the bouncers brought in from Togo who hardly speak any English; for once they forgot they were dealing with human beings.

Regardless of all this low points, the show was a success and Sarkodie deservedly emerged as the Artiste of the Year. The awards in the Dome at the Accra International Conference Centre saw the dynamic duo Bradez, track ‘Simple’ being adjudged as the Most Popular Song of the Year.

They also were the only nominee in the ‘Artiste of the Year’ category who didn’t perform on the night as the rest in the category were given the chance to perform songs they have been nominated for.

The awards have just gone midway when finally Bradez surfaced at the entrance to the Dome. Some official from Charter House at the gate rather strangely pretended to not have noticed the young brothers, some said they didn’t know them.

As usual nobody was prepared to listen, after some argument and hustling with the bouncers, this reporter managed to help them to be allowed entrance in a company of some important persons who were without tickets, the rap duo didn’t want to go inside if their entourage (two people) were not allowed entrance.

After all the bad experience from the security men and bouncers, Bradez entered the auditorium without any seat; Bola Ray of Joy FM offered his seat to Kunta. He later told me ‘a brother has to be there for a brother’. Then Stone also settled on Okyeame Kwame’s seat.

Shortly after couples of awards, the duo was announced by Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah, also of Joy FM as the winner of the ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’ with their song ‘Simple’. The whole auditorium was in ecstatic mood.

The duo revealed their grievances in an exclusive interview with GhanaCelebrities.com after the awards.

On his impression about the awards. Stone sounding very disturbed, said they could have won more than an award “I think it’s a good one; Most Popular Song is a Year is a very good one. Over all, even though we are happy about it, we could have won more”.

Stone was asked if he thought somebody won an award and didn’t deserve it. He answered “Well that wouldn’t be for me to decide because we all work hard. 4×4 worked hard, they deserved an award, Sarkodie worked harder, and he deserves some award, now I can only speak for Bradez”.

Stone voiced out his frustrations about the experience with the security and bouners. “I am saying this because I hope it will be changed. I can keep quiet after receiving an award and just leave but am saying it because if it’s changed it will be better. What I mean to say is that we were even coming with our managers, and no body was given a ticket except me and Kunta, the whole entourage, including people who have helped Bradez to this far didn’t get a ticket to enter, apart from that the hustle with bouncers were a bad experience”.

In respect to Sarkodie with the number of awards he won, including the Artiste of the Year? Stone revealed to GhanaCelebrities.com that they had come with the hope of taking away three awards. Though the duo don’t believe in the voting, they said some artistes who won big on the night had people at the panel so they don’t care if the awards were free and fair.

He said “Honestly, we were expecting like three awards. Afro Pop Song of the Year, Most Popular Song of the Year and some other one”.

“I can’t talk much about this because I have already said I thought we should have taken two or three awards. But it’s all good because they also have their reasons why they gave to other artistes; they had people who sat on the panel”.

He continued “I think of all nominated hip lifers, Sarkodie was the one who worked harder; I worked hard last year but unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky because my brother (Kunta) fell sick. We were ready to go all the way but sometimes you can’t do a lot because it’s a group thing”.

The idea of somebody trying to bring Bradez down or if they suspect any foul play made Stone smile and said “Well, as long as there is Jesus Christ, there is Satan. So I will keep it like that. Stone said amidst intense laughter.

Charter House Security personnels must know that people who come to watch the Ghana Music Awards are humans not animals.

Source: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.com