LifeStyle Mon, 28 Jun 2021

We cannot do away with pornography – Man opines

Educational Administrator, Sports Analyst and MC, Eustace Akwei, says that pornography is something that has existed since the genesis of mankind and all through the medieval period, hence we cannot do away with it.

He clarified that he is against the watching of pornography, however, whether we like it or not, almost everyone has come across some pornographic material at some point in their life and it is something we cannot do away with totally.

Eustace, speaking with host, Nana Yaw Odame on eTV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge, said, “Pornography has been depicted on ancient artefacts and it has been there since. It just boomed recently because of the invention of the internet”.

He further noted that as to whether porn is an addiction to man is a different story on its own because it depends on individual perspective but “it’s something that is around us whether we like it or not and the best way to control it is probably to put some regulations on it”.

Talking of regulations, he mentioned that porn is illegal in some parts of the world like in Africa and in Asia, hence, such content online are censored and if not, blocked. According to him, issuing such regulations is one of the ways by which the watching of pornography can be controlled.
Source: etvghana.com