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Thu, 18 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kwadwo Sheldon threatens to sue Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor attacks Kwadwo Sheldon

Kevin Taylor and Kwadwo Sheldon are at each other’s throats

Popular YouTube blogger, Kwadwo Sheldon, earlier passed some comments that infuriated Kevin Taylor to an extent he launched a scathing attack at him on social media.

Kevin Taylor rained heavy insults and made a mockery of Kwadwo Sheldon who earlier threatened to sue him with his life savings for allegedly threatening his life in public.

“I’ll use my life savings to drag you to jail. It might seem as a joke but I don’t know if Interpol can step in. You can’t sit there and threaten me. You can insult me but you can’t tell people to shoot me. You can insult me but you dare not threaten my life. You can insult my head, make mockery of my career but you dare not threaten my life. He feels untouchable but he is not untouchable. I know people and I’m going to make sure I forward this case to the appropriate authorities. I’ll update you as issues go by so don’t worry,” Kwadwo Sheldon furiously stated on his YouTube channel.

Kevin Taylor, on his part, sarcastically called out Kwadwo, quizzing him on how he would sue him when he makes almost nothing online.

“With your soakings savings? Do you have any life savings at all? Your empty bank account will even not permit you to accept responsibility for pregnancy. What do you mean life savings? The $200 dollar from YouTube? I’m about to give you a good beating. How much are you worth? Stop fooling and focus. You are no match to me so don’t even try,” he replied.

But that was not the end. Kwadwo returned with his reply:

“I don’t know how such a person was able to acquire a visa to travel. I could have replied to some of the things he says to big people in this country but you don’t see me engaging him. He is doing what is good for him and I’m doing mine so why threaten me? I know Kennedy Agyapong has sued him for some millions of dollars but that’s not my business. I don’t think when you look at this man he even has that amount,” he added.

Their banter started when Sheldon leaked some details of chats he had with Albert the journalist, who had contacted him for a job, and this somewhat led to his dismissal from his former workplace.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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