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Tue, 30 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Wendy Shay whines her waist to new single

Ghanaians roast 'born again' Wendy Shay over her bikini video

Wendy Shay hits back at critics

Singer Wendy Shay has been called out by a section of the public over a bikini video shared to promote her new single despite her earlier announcement that she is a born again Christian.

According to her critics, Wendy does not practise what she preaches. This comes in months after she declared to her followers that she will no longer expose her body or have multiple piercings as a result of her journey with Christ Jesus.

In an interview on Okay FM in May this year, she noted that as part of her rebranding she will now appear a "bit covered up" in other to appeal to the elderly in society.

“I am still young and vibrant; you will see some sexiness but this is how I want to carry myself; a bit covered up because Wendy Shay’s brand is growing and I need to appeal to the elderly and cooperate Institutions,” said Wendy Shay.

Wendy however mentioned that despite being a born again there was going to be some sort of "sexiness".

As tension brews over the sudden u-turn made by the RuffTown Records signee, she has hit back at her critics who she mentioned want to appear "holier than thou".

The 'Astalavista' crooner has dared her accusers to prove to her the part in the Holy Bible that prevents a born again from dancing.

"What has dancing to my song got to do with me being born again? Can the So called holier than thou people show me the chapter in the Bible that says you can’t dance?.. abeg allow me to Break My Waist Ghana wake up," she wrote in a tweet sighted by GhanaWeb.

Check out Wendy's new single below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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