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A Plus Slekf Kwame A Plus questions who brought about the concept of sin

Fri, 12 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Controversial musician and political analyst, Kwame A Plus, has questioned who came up with the concept that sin would lead people to hell.

According to the analyst, he doesn’t believe in the concept of sin and going to hell to spend eternity with Satan.

In his recent post on Facebook, he wrote, “If you sin, you’ll go to hell to be tortured by the same Satan who loves sin, sinned against God, makes you sin and is excited when you sin. So wait ooo, who came up with this nonsense?”

This comes after A Plus in a Facebook post on May 15, 2022, said it makes no sense for Christians to believe in the practice of Christianity but speak against the practice of traditional beliefs and rites when the Ga Traditional Council announced their one-month ban on noise-making.

“If you believe that a virgin gave birth to a son who walked on water, brought the dead back to life, and even resurrected after he was crucified, but do not believe in the observation of a month-long ban on drumming and noise-making, a customs and tradition of the Ga people; a period where they fasts and prays for rainfall, a bountiful harvest, good tidings, continuous peace and tranquillity for the country and for the good neighbourliness among the citizens, especially between the Gas and others living together in the Ga state, you are mad!” A Plus wrote on Facebook.

In 2018, however, A Plus made the assertion that he believes in God and the notion people have of him not being religious is false.

Speaking to Yvonne on GhOne TV, A Plus said there is God but he frowns on the fact that some men of God have taken advantage of that and are swindling people in the name of praying for them.

He said “there are so many people who say A Plus does not believe in God. I hear that over and over again which is not true. I believe there is God and I’m a Christian but what I don’t believe in is bring money and let me bless you.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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