Why KK Fosu ‘idolized’ Shatta Wale

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Thu, 26 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

KK Fosu eulogizes Shatta Wale again

KK Fosu on why a picture of Shatta Wale hangs in his bathroom

Shatta Wale represents an eagle, must be revered – KK Fosu

Popular Ghanaian highlife musician, KK Fosu, has thoroughly explained why a portrait of Shatta Wale boldly hangs on his bathroom wall.

Earlier in an interview with AdomTV, KK Fosu disclosed that he has a picture of the dancehall musician in his bathroom which he stares at every morning as a source of inspiration.

“Shatta is big, he is not easy. He is my symbol of hope. I have his picture pasted big in my bathhouse. Do you know why? Anytime I raise my head while bathing, it reminds me that I have hope that I can also make it like him because I started with him,” he earlier said.

But throwing more light on the issue which many have failed to understand, the ‘Anadwo ye de’ hitmaker said Shatta is a supernatural being who needs to be revered for his exploits and resilience in the music industry.

According to him, no musician in the history of Ghana has ever resurfaced bigger and better after almost a decade of inactivity adding that Shatta has set a record that will be difficult to break.

Describing Shatta as an eagle, KK said Shatta has set the pace for other artistes like himself.

“We started music with Shatta Wale. 20 years back. He felt he wasn’t heard so he went into hibernation and resurfaced 10years after. He has a strength of an eagle and its because of this that I mentioned that I have a portrait of him in my bathroom. I look at it every morning and say to myself that if Shatta was able to do it, I also can. What I said wasn’t bad because what he is an inspiration. You told me something about that boy. He must be feared because whatever he touches, blossoms,” KK Fosu told Abeiku Santana on the ATUU show.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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