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Why northern Ghana is the most exciting destination for afro-dance music today

There’s an immense wave of influence and inspiration in dance music coming from Ghana, and it’s absolutely undeniable.

Ghanaian music is truly everywhere across the globe, so it’s no surprise that the world has received such incredible talents from Ghana.

Despite the numerous love themed Afro-RnB wave that’s kept the Ghanaian music scene going, dance music or better still afro-house music, has always been there to soundtrack celebrations in Ghana, especially the northern part.

Popular among artists from the northern part of Ghana is Fancy Gadam, a talented singer cum dancer who has enormously contributed to dance music and the arts in general in the region.

The region’s rich musical instrument heritage and its contribution to the music-making process is an avenue being explored by musicians.

Fresh talents have assumed some notable dance music trends and have created upbeat hits like ‘sege mege’ by DJ Chare, ‘Kom’ by Skotish, among others. Skotish is known for his laid back vocal skill, typical of African houses.

He teamed up with Dj Chare on ‘tin gbanni’ an afro house record which became one of the biggest tunes of the year, wherever your dancefloor happened to be.

The dance music scene in northern Ghana cannot be addressed without mention of the titanic figure of Sherifa Gunu.

The music star blended pop inflexions with traditional vocals and reached mass audiences. Her outrageous performances have seen Sherifa Gunu compared to the likes of Angélique Kidjo.

Speaking to afrotinz.com, Skotish said, ‘The newest batch of artists are pushing boundaries even further, and I can bet that we’ll be drawing from their roots each time we create dance records.

House music has come a long way in northern Ghana, but judging by the current vibe on the airwaves and in the clubs, our craft is yet to be given the needed attention’.

Listen to ”Tin Gbanni” by DJ Chare & Skotish here:

Source: Xtreme Media Ltd, Contributor