Women who spend GH¢7,000 on hair extensions don't compromise on quality - Efua Dell

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Tue, 9 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A section of men go haywire when they find out the amount of money women blow on beauty supplies, especially hair extensions. Why spend a fortune on a wig when you can invest that money into something beneficial?

Ghanaian actress, Efua Dell, has explained that women do not owe the opposite gender any form of explanation when it comes to what they spend their hard-earned money on.

Speaking on Moans & Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV, she noted that ladies do not compromise on quality, the reason they sometimes invest up to GH¢7,000 and over on high-grade human hair extensions.

Efua added that not all women dress up to impress men.

"Woman will spend money on whatever woman wants to spend her money on because woman wants to look beautiful. Not for anybody but for themselves. For me on days when I look really beautiful, I want to walk beside cars and look at myself in the mirror and check myself and do some nice videos for social media.

"You can't take that from me, it is my head. I am wearing a GH¢7,000 weave, a whole plot of land on my head. You can't do anything about it and I love it. That wig is going to stay on my head for ten years," she told the host of the show, Paula Amma Broni.

According to Efua, it is better to save up money to purchase quality weaves instead of 'wasting' funds on synthetic hair that can not be reused.

"We are getting value for our money. You don't expect me to go and buy synthetic which is cheap, wear it for just a week and throw it away. I am wasting money, that is what they don't know and usually, it comes from the other gender (men).

"They don't know hair grades, bone straight and Brazillian hair. They don't know anything about hair but they have so many opinions on what we wear on our head just because they've seen the price. These same people will go and buy a watch for GH¢2,000, perfume for GH¢3,000 but when we wear GH¢1,000 hair, they will say we are wasting money," she added.

Speaking on the topic "How to live on a budget and still slay", the Ghanaian actress admonished young girls not to break the bank just to look good but instead stay within their budget until they can afford the fancy things in life.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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