Women will lead you on and still 'bounce' you - Elliot Nuertey

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Fri, 30 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Being rejected or 'bounced' by a woman you have feelings for can leave you 'scarred' for months especially when you felt the coast was clear to finally declare your intentions.

Most men who have suffered rejection from the 'love of their life' end up feeling embarrassed. Only the strong manage to get over the situation or maintain a cordial relationship with the woman who said no to their proposal.

Multimedia journalist, Elliot Nuertey, has explained why most guys hate to be rejected by a lady.

Speaking on GhanaWeb TV's Moans & Cuddles with host, Paula Amma Broni, he intimated that some women give false hopes and later switch up when these men declare their love and preparedness to commit.

"I am not the type that will go straight to a lady and say, I am interested in you and want to start a relationship. I like to steady people because there are ladies who will give indications and you will think she is interested in you for you to propose and be bounced.

"I hate to be bounced, I hate to be rejected. So, I will make sure that you are in for it. It first starts with friendship and that is not to say that if I want a love relationship, I will come as a friend. I will communicate with you...I will never make you feel we are just friends," he stated.

Elliot who has never received a proposal from a lady touched on the importance of confirming that a woman's heart beats for you before making the big move.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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