Xandy Kamel warns men looking to have a relationship without money

Xandy Kamel 466.png Xandy Kamel sends strong message to men in her DMs

Mon, 12 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Actress and TV show host, Xandy Kamel, has issued a stern warning to men flooding social media private messaging spaces with sweet talks about how they like her but have no money.

According to the actress in a TikTok video shared, she is sick and tired of hearing those words.

“Look, men, stop sending DMs saying I am strong and this and that. After all these words of flatter, you end up making the case worse by telling me that if you had money you will get into a serious relationship with me,” she said.

Furthermore, she noted that these men should let her be if they will raise her hopes and crush them later.

“If you know you like me without having money, why do you start this conversation in the first place? Why? I am wild.

“I am very hungry roaming these streets, so, don't come and bother me. Thank you so much,” she added.

Her statement comes after the actress's failed marriage in May 2020, crushed in 2021, with her estranged husband, Kaninja.

In a recent interview, she opened up about some of the challenges she faced during her marriage to sports journalist, Kaninja, before their separation.

Aside from the famous cheating scandal, she disclosed that she had four miscarriages in one year, while married to the journalist.


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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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