You can never change a man to suit your criteria – Ladies advised

Etv Harryboo According to her, it is better to reduce the attitude of the man instead of changing him totally

Thu, 24 Jun 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Professional nail technician, Harryboo, has asserted that there is no way a woman can change a man to suit her criteria or vice versa.

Interviewed by Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on a discussion about a woman’s ideal man on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes, she observed that a lot of people tend to settle with people that they can tell right from start that they are not compatible with, hoping to change the person.

She made clear, especially with regards to men, that it is impossible to change them totally to suit a woman’s criteria. “Maybe they would love to reduce it for the sake that they love you but as time goes on, they will come back to their normal self”, she said.

According to her, it is possible to have an influence on someone and cause them to reduce certain things that may have been a problem but she does not believe in changing someone completely.

Elta, a beauty specialist, co-interviewed on the show, continued that people only adjust and they do not change, therefore it is not advisable to get with someone that you are not compatible with, with the mindset of changing the person gradually.

Source: etvghana.com